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Derma - Microtoppings

Decorative concrete goes by many names – microtopping, concrete overlay, or skim coat. Prep-Crete implements a Derma flooring system comprised of a polymerized, dual component, cement protective coating. For decorative concrete, NJ, NYC, and CT area businesses can use the Derma flooring system on a variety of flooring surfaces including masonry, metal, wood, tile, and, of course, concrete.

Using different tools and application techniques, a variety of artistic effects can be applied to any surface. Decorative concrete requires multiple layers of application, using a towel, roller, spray, brush, or squeegee, resulting in a variety of thicknesses from 1/64” to ⅛. The Derma flooring system can be used to achieve a layered fresco finish, hard-toweled appearance, or the aesthetic of Venetian plaster, all without the inconvenience of demolition. With Prep-Crete of Union, each flooring project results in a totally unique design that accurately reflects our artisan’s skills and techniques as well as the personality and function of the total space.

Using a specialized protective coating, the Derma system is left able to breathe, transmitting moisture and water vapor in and out of the concrete. This significantly lowers the chances of delamination or blistering. This “breathing” technique also decreases the concrete’s moisture content, reducing the potential for corrosion of steel reinforcement components. With our incomparable standards for durability, you’ll notice a significant decrease in the level of maintenance required to upkeep your flooring. Once upgraded to Derma decorative concrete, NJ residents and business owners note that Derma is both durable and cost-effective.

For decorative concrete flooring that is both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing, contact Prep-Crete. We are proud to design unique flooring solutions for loft, garage, studio space and more throughout Connecticut, Northern and Central NJ, as well as all boroughs of New York City. Contact a Prep-Crete representative via email or call 908-279-1544.

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